The Rainbow Room

(picture: NYTimes)

The Rainbow Room is hands down the most beautiful dining space we have ever experienced. The chandeliers, the orchestra stage, the wide staircase, the dazzling view, etc etc etc all of it come together to create a spectacular atmosphere. We, being a pair of twenty-something-year-olds, felt out of place surrounded by what I can only assume to be old and new money folks (cue Gatsby reference).

Before even stepping into the dining area, a sense of grandeur washes over the patron as they are brought to the waiting room with a complimentary view of the New York skyline, afforded to the restaurant because of its location on the 65th floor. The level of professionalism and decorum from the staff is impeccable. Once we were seated, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of care that our waiter took to make us feel comfortable (sorry I don’t remember your name, Mr. Glasses and neat comb-back hair, but you were amazing).

The menu looked expansive. I wish I had known before going in that we could order as many things from the menu as we wanted (that it was all part of the buffet). We ordered the Lobster Benedict and the Luger Omelette. The former was prepared beautifully and tasted just as good. The lobster pieces were huge and delicious, with the shrimp being an excellent secondary addition. The latter was good as well, but the steak pieces could have been more rare (or at least could have been asked my preference for how I wanted the steak done). However, no complaints, as it still tasted wonderful.IMG_4176FullSizeRender(27)

The monkey bread doused in caramel was succulent. The biscuit, not as much, as they were dry. I guess the two balanced each other out. The bacon bar was amazing, my favorites being the fatty pieces on the cutting board and the pastrami salmon (I must have eaten half a pound of salmon). The servings at the crepe station were untraditional (they roll the crepes instead of keeping it flat in the semi-circle), but the creamed-salmon crepe that I had was DELICIOUS (which I topped with more pastrami salmon). The juice bar had a ton of choices, but I went for the fresh orange juice. The dessert bar had 15+ different options. I tried the strawberry pie, the cheesecake, and the chocolate tart, all of which were perfect.

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You may think $125 is too much for brunch. Normally I would say yes, but with the combination of the view, the service, and the food, I can’t help but think that this is one of those life experiences that everyone should try. The Rainbow Room is back, folks, and it’s former glory is here to stay.

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