Giant Fluffy Pancakes and Where To Find Them (Tokyo Edition)

Recently, Big fluffy pancakes have gone viral on the internet because of how unusually tall, fluffy, and adorably wobbly they are. Here are my top picks on where you can find them in Tokyo!

Café Gram

If there was a dictionary definition of “a happy accident,” it would be my adventure at Gram.  Somehow, finding Gram didn’t require any intention on my part. I found it as my hungry selves wandered around Jiyugaoka for food. Little did I know meeting Gram opened up a whole new world of fluffy pancakes for me.

The cafe only serves 60 portions a day and at certain times – 11am, 3pm and 6pm (So 20 portions per timeslot). Currently there are 5 Cafe Grams in Tokyo and they’re all equally popular, so you best pick out a good book or charge up your phone before braving the line, as you’re sure to be waiting for quite a while.

The made-to-order, uber-fluffy ‘Premium Pancakes’ came with a stack of 3 thick and incredibly fluffy pancakes with butter, syrup and cream. The pancakes were light and didn’t taste too eggy, although it is a little too sweet for my liking. Minimal effort required to cut through these wobbly stack and it pairs perfectly with the light whipped cream – everything went so well together. Other noteworthy pancake offerings include the Mix Fruits and Chocolate Pancake and Rich Tiramisu Pancake.

Address: J Glass Bldg, 2-12-13 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku
Phone: 03-5726-8384
Hours: Mon – Sun 8.30am-7pm daily


Burn Side St Café

Every time I walked past this tiny place tucked away in Harajuku’s narrow alleyway I would see a long line of giggling girls patiently waiting for what looked like a stack of the fluffiest pancakes I have ever seen.  With an open kitchen, their menu offers sandwiches, salads and hamburgers. But they are mostly known for their ethereal soufflé pancakes that comes in variety of different flavors such as tiramisu, blueberry, soufflé and seasonal fruits.

My go-to choice always fell on Tiramisu and a cup of REALLY good latte which came with beautiful art (always bonus points for this!). They were totally indulgent, with puffy and melt-in-your-mouth texture as well as full of flavor. It came garnished with vanilla ice-cream, strawberries and chocolate syrup. Heavenly!  The waiting time for these pancakes is slightly long at about 20-30 minutes, since they are freshly made after your order is placed. Make sure your stomach is empty as you wait patiently.

Address: 4-29-9, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,

Phone: + 03-3403-0660
Hours: Mon – Sun 09:30 am – 09:00 pm



Micasadeco & Café

There’s no shortage of pancake cafés around Harajuku’s Cat Street, but this plucky newcomer is trying to surprise the competition with its extra-thick, extra-fluffy ricotta hotcakes, served simply with mildly sweetened whipped cream and maple syrup. Micasadeco also offers creative combinations such as mochi mochi (chewy chewy) pancakes and other sustainable food options like salads, sandwiches, wraps, eggs benedicts and organic brown rice dishes.

But obviously you have to try their soufflé ricotta hotcakes when you’re here, no? The hotcakes were extra soft and my knife sliced through it with ease. The magic to the cloud-like fluffiness of their pancakes come from the addition of meringue into their batter, which gives the pancakes a super light and melt in your mouth texture. Keep in mind that the pancakes here are often a little light and eggy compared to other pancakes shops so it’s perfect for people who are not fond of sugary stuff. My friend had to drown the pancakes with a dose of maple syrup (which was incredible yummy, I might add) and slather stacks of thick cream on the pancakes to make it taste like an actual dessert.

Address: 6-16-5 HOLONⅢ2F, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-16-5 HOLONⅢ2F
Phone: 03-6892-7006
Hours: Mon – Sun 11am − 7pm (last order 6:30pm)


Ginza Aoyama West Garden

Out of all pancakes I’ve mentioned, these were the pancakes that won Instagram. Unbelievably thick and has a surface as smooth as an Instagram goddess’s filtered buttocks. “We’re going for the Kim K of pancakes today!” I told all my friends who visited.

The pancakes are found at one location: Ginza West (formerly known as Confectionery West) at Aoyama Garden, opposite the Aoyama Cemetery. Since this is Ginza territory so things are a bit more rarefied and expensive. Classical music plays in the tea house that seats no more than 52 people, but you can opt to sit outside in the terrace (smoking is outside). Previously I never had to wait before I was ushered into a room, but lately this place got even more crowded (I will partly take the blame for posting this viral pancake on my social media) so I recommend to avoid lunch or dinner times.

The menu is made up of sandwiches, soup and café-style drinks, but what you want to get is the double stack pancakes topped with a single square of butter and maple syrup. The pancakes here are exquisitely soft, although the texture resembles more of a cake than a fluffy pancake we all come to know and love in Tokyo. They come in HUGE portion, so make sure you come hungry, my friend and I couldn’t finish them and we are both massive eaters. Other noteworthy offerings include the Fresh Cream Puff and Fresh Fig Tart (seasonal).

Take in the classy atmosphere, and top off your experience with a pot of their house-made tea.

Address: 1-22-10 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3403-1818
Hours: Mon – Sun AM11:00 – PM8:00 daily



Eggg Café

If you ever found yourself wandering around Kodaira, be sure to visit Eggg Café on your spare time! This place occasionally attracts queues even on weekdays, as they are very popular among locals here. They are known for their fluffy Crème Brulee Pancakes sandwiching a generous amount of cream in between, sugar had been carefully torched until it formed a glistening, golden crust on top. This pancake has the flavor and texture of a rich crème brulee dessert – like a cross between a pancake and a soufflé. If you’re not in the mood for pancakes, they also serve some incredibly delicious omurice!

Address: 1-466-16 Suzukicho, Kodaira 187-0011, Tokyo Prefecture
Phone: +81 42-321-6999
Hours: Mon – Sun AM 09:00 – PM8:00 daily



Shiawase no Pancake / A Happy Pancake

Hailing from Osaka, this pancake house is known by pancake-lovers to serve the fluffiest pancakes in the world. “Shiawase no Pancake” literally means “pancake of happiness,” and just like the name suggests, eating one of their heavenly pancakes will bring you much happiness.

I heard that the queue at this café is legendary, (there was a time people had to queue six hours for these pancakes) so I recommend you to book in advance to avoid the queue.

As soon as you enter the cafe, you will notice that their kitchen is behind a clear glass wall, where you can see the chefs expertly flipping pancakes.

They have a decent selection of sweet and savory pancakes, but their most popular pancake is their signature Shiawase no Pancake, which consists of three soufflé pancakes topped with whipped butter made from fresh Hokkaido milk and New Zealand Manuka honey, as well as caramel sauce on the side. If it your first time visiting, I’d say to stick with their signature menu!

These pancakes have a fluffy and spongy texture. Rather than a pancake, the taste of it was very similar to a castella cake (Japanese style sponge cake).  The butter that came with it was delightful, giving the pancakes an elegant, creamy, aroma. The Manuka Honey mixed into the butter was also a nice touch, adding a light subtle sweetness to the dish.

Address: 4–9–3 Kiyohara Building B1F, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150–0001
Phone: +81 3–3746–8888
Hours: Mon – Sun AM 9:00~19:30

Website: :


Pinokio Café

Located in an unassuming building in Oyama, Pinokio Café may be a location that is often overlooked by sweets stalkers. However, this place is certainly not a location to be missed, with retro interior and furniture that will bring you back to the Showa period. The restaurant offers up a wide variety of sweet and savory selections but I highly recommend first timers to order their signature pancake. Pinokio café serves some of the thickest hotcakes you’ll ever encounter – it comes on a copper plate with 2 stack of 3cm-thick carb bomb so dense you’ll feel the sugar coma instantly.


Address: 16-8 Oyama-Kanaicho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +03-3974-9336
Hours: Mon – Sun AM 8am-7pm (last orders 6pm) / closed Wed

Website: None



Clover’s Pancake Place is an all-day cafe in Shibuya and their pancakes are known for being simple yet extremely delicious. The pancakes are accompanied by fruits, maple syrup, and butter – in my opinion, the absolute best way to enjoy the flavor of the pancakes. They make their batter using a mixture of wheat and rice flours, and in place of water, they use yogurt so the pancakes have just the right springiness and texture. My go-to order is their Caramel Banana but their Signature Strawberry is highly raved in the media. It comes with an abundance of cream and a hearty load of strawberry grown in Nagano!


Address: Horii Building 2F, 18-8 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +03-3770-2733
Hours: Mon – Sun 11:00AM-22:00PM



Yukinoshita Ginza

One of the representative pancakes of Tokyo. Above all, the thickness of these beautiful and charming pancakes, is a whopping 4cm tall. Yukinoshita only uses the most exclusive ingredients carefully curated from all over Japan. They currently have 4 stores in Tokyo, Ginza (their flagship), Ikebukuro, Tachikawa, and Hiroo – each worth visiting due to its limited offerings!

The pancakes at Yukinoshita are extremely thick and look more like actual cakes than the typical pancake. The pancakes, made with generous amounts of fresh eggs, have a moist cake-like texture, and are filled with a buttery fragrance, accompanied by extremely fragrant butter slices and high-grade honey. They also have pancakes with different fruits and scoops of ice cream on top. If you’re in a mood for something a little fancy, try their pancake with strawberries and condense milk! It was painful to think about the amount of calories in these pancakes, but still not be able to resist licking the plate clean because it tasted so good…

Address: 1-20-10 Ginza Chuo Tokyo
Phone: + 81-70-5517-9506
Hours: Mon – Sun 11:00 am – 9:00 pm Closed Mondays




Mimoza in Asakusa is a café run by a charming old lady that offers affordably priced coffee, cakes, scones, and of course, their most famous pancakes. The pancakes at Mimoza are basically pagodas. Their big pancake, which is only 720 yen, is five pancakes stacked on top of each other and topped off with a rare kind of butter. Apparently, this “big pancake” was only three-stack high, but in celebration of the creation of the SkyTree, the cafe decided to up their game and added two more layers. Bring a friend, order the five-storey tower, and spend a lazy afternoon working your way down.


Address: 4-38-6 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Phone: +03-3874-2933
Hours: Mon – Sun 08:00 am – 05:00 pm Closed Mondays


There are many different types of pancakes, but the current trend in pancakes in Tokyo seems to be basically leaning towards the thicker and softer side. Creating its own unique style while differentiating itself from the thin and small American-style pancakes, Tokyo pancakes are definitely worth a try during your stay!

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  1. I love your blog!! Super helpful, but please update your opening hours for Eggg cafe! They are now open from 11am – 7pm, and closed on Tuesdays ):


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