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On April 1, 2015 Sonia decided to hone her photography skills by taking professional shots of food. Originally just a platform to document her growing techniques and travels across the globe, HungryNYC suddenly boomed during the “Food Bloggers Craze” that ravaged the summer. After meeting some of her favorite culinary photographers at food events, Sonia developed life-long friendships and became fully immersed in the gourmet scene. HungryNYC is grounded in the belief that food is always functional (i.e. about sustenance, growth) and not merely about aesthetics. Although of course it can’t be helped if food looks pretty too.

Sonia // Creator & Photographer

facetune-25-09-2018-11-47-34Sonia is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, majoring in Fashion Merchandising. Through her stints at Coach, Issey Miyake, and Harper’s Bazaar, she fell in love with the field of media and art. When not busy taking pictures and letting her food get cold, Sonia rewatches Miyazaki films, buys brimmed hats, chases after cute puppies, and cooks. Her favorite foods in no particular order are ramen, dumplings, and fluffy pancakes (basic Asian girl).

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